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Tuesday Topics

Tuesday Topics

With the goal of providing information and receiving feedback on a variety of projects and initiatives that are in the works, in November 2021, the College launched a series of Tuesday Topics.  These virtual discussions are held the morning of the third Tuesday of each month and all employees are welcome to attend! Each Tuesday Topic will be recorded and posted for later viewing

2023 Tuesday Topics - Save the dates!

February 21, 2023 at 9:00am

QEP Update— The Viking Experience: Core to Career

SJR State employees are invited to join SJR State’s QEP Development team for a presentation on the College’s proposal, The Viking Experience: Core to Career.  Participants will be introduced to the criteria used to determine a successful proposal, the project’s career-related goals, and to the QEP Co-Directors tasked with managing the multi-year project.  Please direct questions about this topic to SJR State’s VP for Academic & Student Affairs, Dr. Jordan.

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SJR State’s Department of Strategic Communications

Our team wants to arm you with the best communication tools to reach current and/or prospective students. Learn how to request or create engaging communication to bring students to your class, office, or next event. We are your in-house marketing and public relations team whose job is to make yours easier!

Please direct questions about this topic to JR State’s Executive Director of Strategic Communications, Michelle Sjogren.

SJR State Travel Policies & Procedures—More Details Coming Soon!

Please direct questions about this topic to SJR State’s AVP Randy Peterson.

May 16, 2023 at 9:00am

2023 Legislative Session Overview

The 2023 Florida Legislative Session will run from March 7 through May 5, 2023.  Join SJR State AVP for Student Affairs on May 16, 2023, for an overview of the 2023 Session and its implications for St. Johns River State College. Please direct questions about this topic to AVP Jack Hall.

SJR State Budget Update

SJR State's Chief Financial Officer Dr. Lynn Powers will present an update on the 2023 College Budget.  All SJR State employees are invited to attend this meeting or to view the recording at a later date as schedules allow. Please direct questions about this topic to Dr. Powers.

SJR State’s Department of Human Resources: More Details Coming Soon!

No Tuesday Topic—Let’s Get Ready for the Start of the Fall Term!

September 19, 2023 at 9:00am

What do I need to know about next week’s SACSCOC Reaffirmation Visit?

More details coming soon!

SJR State’s Open Enrollment

All full-time employees are invited to join Chuck Romer and his HR Team for a discussion about SJR State’s benefits, wellness initiatives, and open enrollment. Please direct questions about this topic to SJR State’s Director of Human Resources Chuck Romer.


No Tuesday Topic—Happy Holidays!