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2020 Professional Development Institute

The Learnin’ Safari InstructureCon 2019 Conference: An Overview

The Learnin’ Safari InstructureCon 2019 Conference: An Overview

Presenter: Dr. Ben Gil, Communications Department Room

If you are like me--i.e., not that computer savvy--and always wonder how “others” (the tech savvy crowd) are using Canvas and multiple activities in their classrooms, this is your session. The Learnin’ Safari InstructureCon 2019 Conference that took place last summer allowed those of us who attended the opportunity to take a peek at what the technophiles are doing to make their classes more appealing, interesting, and interactive. This session intends to be (in layman’s terms) an overview of what was presented there, from GIFs to motivation, games, or apps, to name a few. Presenter and audience will discuss, in an open forum, a variety of topics related to Canvas and how to implement a number of activities in their classes.

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